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Prospective Postdocs

Join a world-class center for pioneering biomedical research. Postdocs are vital members of our institutional culture - valued and respected for their significant contributions to the university’s research enterprise. A customized high quality and enriching postdoctoral training experience is assured within our multicultural and multidisciplinary academic health sciences community. Learn More>

Current Postdocs

As a postdoctoral trainee, you're intensely focused on your research goals, and have set your sights on transitioning into a fulfilling career position.  The University of Pittsburgh continues national leadership in providing resources and policies that supports your career aspirations, recognizing that your success is also paramount to the universities research enterprise. Learn More>

Postdoc Administrators

Postdoctoral scholars and associates are a unique and valued classification in the university that require special policies and services.  As administrators, you are critical allies with OACD in facilitating full use of the many resources and policies that enhance the success of the postdoctoral experience. Learn More>