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Postdoc Administrators: Overview

Postdoctoral scholars and associates are unique and valued classifications in the university that require special policies and services. As administrators, you are critical allies with OACD in facilitating full use of the many resources and policies that enhance the success of the postdoctoral experience.

Appointment Procedures

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Benefits and Classifications

The benefits statement is updated, as of May 2018. 
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Career Development Planning

A Career Development Plan and Annual Progress Assessment Process is required for all postdoctoral trainees. This process is essential to ensure your postdoctoral experience successfully advances you into the career of your choice.
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Career Resources

The University of Pittsburgh is renowned for its career development support for postdoctoral trainees.  These include workshops, symposia, and events to address all aspects of professional development and career exploration.
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Learb more about postdoctoral compensation at the University of Pittsburgh.
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Family-Friendly Resources

Resources available to support academic–life balance while maximizing your career success. Programs and resources include family leave policies, wellness programs, and counseling/consulting.
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Hiring Postdocs

Recruiting the best possible postdoctoral trainees to contribute to your research program requires a strategic and thoughtful process.
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Postdoctoral Guidelines

The University Guidelines for Postdoctoral Scholars and Associates is updated, as of May 2018.
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Training Grant Resources

The University of Pittsburgh houses over 60 NIH training programs and supports our training community by maintaining a variety of institutional training grant resources.
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