Pitt Training Grant Resources

The University of Pittsburgh houses over 60 NIH training programs. The Office of Academic Career Development (OACD) fosters a sense of community among the University’s training grant directors and administrators, coordinates communication, and maintains several institutional training grant resources.

For additional information or assistance, contact traininggrants@pitt.edu.

Training Grant Directory 

Training Grant Directory www.traininggrants.pitt.edu

A university-wide Training Grant Directory promotes training opportunities externally and serves as a mechanism to collect institutional data. Publically available NIH training grant data are initially entered by the OACD. New training grant directors automatically receive an email with instructions on how to access the database and how to add additional data. New training grant awards are added quarterly. The overall database is updated annually and an aggregate report is generated annually.

The names and email addresses of training grant directors and training faculty are publically available. Though not publically accessible, the database also houses the names and email addresses of data delegates and/or administrative assistants who have been authorized to log into the database and maintain training program data on behalf of the training grant director.

Grant Database Access to a Data Delegate or Assistant

Training grant directors may identify other individuals to maintain their training grant data within the database (data delegate) or identify an administrative assistant to enhance communication between the OACD and the training grant director. Please submit requests to grant additional access to the database to traininggrants@pitt.edu.

Request Data or Contact Information for All Active Training Programs

The OACD maintains a comprehensive spreadsheet of contact information for all active awards. This report is internally available upon request by contacting traininggrants@pitt.edu.

Request Access to the Training Grant Directory Mailman List
Training grant directors, data delegates, and those identified as contacts in the Training Grant Directory are automatically subscribed to this email distribution list. Other individuals may request to be added to this list to keep up to date on training grant announcements and discussions by contacting traininggrants@pitt.edu.

Training Grant Application Support 


Predoctoral Training Table Data

Predoctoral training data are not housed in a central location; contact the appropriate graduate student offices or graduate program directors.

Postdoctoral Training Table Data

There are two institutional postdoctoral reports with data relevant to training grant applications and training tables:

Postdoctoral Training Report for Schools of the Health Sciences

Provides basic demographics and diversity data about the health sciences postdoctoral community

Report of Postdocs on Training Grants By Health Sciences School/Department

Provides postdoctoral data for Table 1

Training Data Table 3: Federal Institutional Research Training Grants and Related Support Available to Participating Faculty Members

The Training Grant Directory includes the names of training faculty by training program, so centralized data do exist to complete Table 3.

Request the Compilation of Table 3 for New or Renewal Applications
Indicate if the application is new or a renewal and send 1) the name of the grant application, 2) the name of the PI(s), and 3) the names of the training faculty who appear on Table 2 to traininggrants@pitt.edu. Requests should be received at least 2 weeks before any internal submission dates.

Training Plans

Responsible Conduct of Research Plan

For assistance, contact CTSI Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Center.

Diversity Plan

See instructions for requesting a diversity letter of support here.

Contact Paula Davis at pkd100@pitt.edu for any questions.

Suggested Application Text

See standardized language for training grant applications relevant to:

Institutional Letters

[REQUIRED] Harassment and Discrimination Protections

Applications for NIH institutional training grants must include a letter from a key institutional leader that describes the University's commitment to ensuring that proper policies, procedures, and oversight are in place to prevent discriminatory harassment and other discriminatory practices.

Failure to provide the signed letter will result in withdrawal of the application.

Senior Vice Chancellor for Research Institutional Letter

[OPTIONAL] Letter of Career Development Support

The OACD can provide an institutional letter of support attesting to the rich career development resources available to trainees.

To Request a Letter of Support for New or Renewal Applications:

Send 1) the name of the grant application, 2) the name of the PI(s), and 3) the types of trainees, e.g., UG, predoc, or postdoc, to traininggrants@pitt.eduRequests should be received at least 2 weeks before any internal submission dates.

For Additional Information or Assistance

Contact traininggrants@pitt.edu


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