WIMS Forum Over the Years

Networking Opportunities

“This Forum illustrated how many motivated and strong women in medicine and science are interested in CONNECTING here in Pittsburgh. We should foster that as much as possible, particularly the ongoing development of future generations of women trainees, such as myself.”

“I really enjoyed and valued the opportunity to exchange ideas with women in other areas of the University that I would not have had the opportunity to meet.”

“Great opportunity to learn from such successful women."

Supportive Environment

“I think it was useful to see what women at all educational levels experience imposter syndrome. The discussions about minorities and first generations were incredibly useful.”

“Thank you for this incredible session because I have never felt like an imposter until I came to Pitt. You’re right; not seeing people who look like you make it incredibly difficult to feel like you belong. I will try to incorporate all of [these] tips into my daily life experiences and graduate student career.”

“I liked the feeling of being in a safe space to be and to talk about issues we all face.”

“Hearing from and speaking with other professional women in science [and] the opportunity to discuss topics related to being a female professional in still male dominated roles [was invaluable.]”

“It’s great seeing things that I struggle with in my career are not unique to me. Also, to learn from the experiences of other wonderful and more experienced women [is invaluable.]”

Practical Advice
“Hearing how family life is balanced between two partners was very encouraging.”

“Great advice; [I] will definitely use for career planning—it helped me set goals.”

“This was a good opportunity to get input on career trajectory and future plans, and decide what to focus on.”

“I learned a lot and this will help immensely in making decisions in my career and to grow and be proactive.”

“I will use this information every day in both my professional and personal life.”

Relevant Programming 

“I think as a whole this conference was GREAT! These topics are really important because women generally aren’t taught this stuff in school." 

“Format was unexpected and awesome. I could have stayed for hours.

“It was SO great.”


“Absolutely fantastic!”

“Very good an energizing!”

“I am leaving this forum feeling inspired and empowered.”

WIMS Forum: November 27-28, 2018

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