Faculty Guidelines: Step 3

Schedule an annual Postdoctoral Progress Assessment review meeting with your postdoc.

Since a postdoc must receive, at minimum, 90 days notice if his or her appointment is not being renewed, a Progress Assessment review meeting should be scheduled with your postdoc prior to this deadline.

Under Postdoc Guidelines, your postdoc is instructed to provide you and the members of his or her mentoring team with a copy of his or her Postdoctoral Self Assessment 120 days prior to the end of his or her appointment contract
(which is 30 days before your deadline to complete his or her annual Postdoctoral Progress Assessment).

  • This instrument allows your postdoc to track accomplishments that are aligned with the Career Development Plan’s core competencies (research accomplishments, presentation experience, publication record, professional development) as well as to track the customized criteria articulated within his or her individualized plan.
  • This exercise also provides a structure for your postdoc to document experiences that might otherwise be overlooked or omitted from his or her curriculum vitae, e.g., the writing stage of a manuscript or a grant application in progress. 

Your postdoc is also instructed to provide you an updated Career Development Plan with his or her Postdoctoral Self Assessment if you plan to reappoint him or her. Review your postdoc's updated Career Development Plan and prepare to provide him or her feedback during your progress review meeting.

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