Bruce A. Freeman, PhD

Bruce Freeman - Research Series Speaker

Dr. Bruce Freeman is UPMC/Irwin Fridovich Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to this position, he was a professor and director of the Center for Free Radical Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Before that, he trained at the University of California and Duke University. He has published approximately 250 peer reviewed articles and 60 reviews/chapters that have been cited approximately 55,000 times for an h-index of 90. Dr. Freeman’s lab is funded by multiple R01s, an R37 and a P01. He and his team study eukaryotic cell production and actions of reactive inflammatory and signaling mediators, with the intent to treat inflammatory and metabolic disorders. His laboratory pioneered the concept that nitric oxide has cell signaling and pathogenic actions modulated by partially reduced oxygen species and they now focus on redox reaction-induced post-translational protein modification reactions in the regulation of cell function. These precepts are now being translated into clinical practice. Complexa, Inc. has licensed Freeman/Schopfer/Pitt patents and, after five successful Phase 1 trials of IV and oral drug formulations, has initiated Phase 2 trials evaluating the therapeutic actions of nitro-fatty acids in chronic renal and pulmonary diseases.

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