Graduate-Credit Professional Development Courses

For Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Trainees

Foundations of Successful Career Planning and Development

This course provides foundational training in career planning and professional development and spans a consecutive Fall and Spring term. Registration begins in the fall semester.

Certification in STEM Teaching

Offered through the Center for Integrating Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL), this program offers graduate students and postdocs an opportunity to obtain one of three levels of certification in STEM teaching. Graduate students can register for credit, although graduate students, postdocs, and faculty can register “not for credit”.

For Postdoctoral Trainees Only

As a doctoral student, you most likely had little or no exposure to the types of structured career or professional development courses that are now being provided to many current doctoral students. Whereas, the noncredit professional development workshops presently provided for postdoctoral trainees at the University of Pittsburgh serve as valuable overviews, these programs cannot provide the depth and scope of content provided within graduate-level, professionally-related coursework.

Previously, non-degree seeking students could only enroll in graduate credit courses by special permission or on a space available basis. Priority registration has always been afforded to degree-seeking students so seats in graduate credit professional development courses very seldom became available to postdocs who were not seeking an additional degree…until now!

Introduction to Grant Writing

This ten-week course will help you develop the skills needed to effectively communicate scientific discoveries and to successfully compete for research training support. At the conclusion of this course, participants will have completed a draft of their own application.

Katz Graduate School of Business Courses and Micro-Credential: Leading People in Organizations

These Katz MBA courses are designed specifically for busy, working adults like you, and they provide you with essential professional skills needed to thrive in any career! Take one or two courses, or take four courses to obtain a graduate credit business administration credential.