Faculty Guidelines


This standardized Postdoctoral Career Development and Progress Assessment will:

  • Encourage your postdoctoral trainee to proactively manage his or her career goals and career trajectory.
  • Provide a comprehensive review of your postdoc’s career goals and objectives at the beginning of his or her training and increase the probability of your postdoc achieving his or her individual career goals.
  • Create a structured yet flexible venue for you to communicate your expectations to your postdoc, to establish objective criteria for your postdoc’s success, and to define time and resources devoted to your postdoc’s technical and professional skill proficiencies.
  • Allow you to provide ongoing constructive feedback to your postdoc and to implement timely performance improvement strategies as needed.
  • Communicate an institutional emphasis on postdoctoral career development and provide you a competitive advantage in attracting the best and brightest postdocs.

A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Develop a mutually agreed upon Postdoctoral Career Development Plan with your trainee. Learn More >
  2. Help your postdoc identify two mentoring team members who are well suited to his or her research and career interests. 
    Learn More >
  3. Schedule an annual Postdoctoral Progress Assessment review meeting with your postdoc. Learn More >
  4. Complete a Postdoctoral Progress Assessment form to present to your postdoc at your annual review meeting. Learn More >


View the downloadable Faculty Checklist for a summary and timeline of
faculty responsibilities.

Additional Information

The Center for Postdoctoral Affairs in the Health Sciences will prompt you with
regard to deadlines.

Please forward all electronic forms to postdoc@hs.pitt.edu.


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