SCIENCE Career Symposium

Held in the fall, this annual symposium is designed to enhance the professional development of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students by providing you with direct access to PhD professionals who have successfully made the transition to exciting careers covering a range of employment settings and job sectors! Thank you to the December 7, 2022, career breakout room hosts!

Career Breakout Room Hosts:

  • Jessica Jarvis, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
  • Lawrence Andrews, PhD, Staff Research Scientist, University of Pittsburgh
  • Erin Kirschmann, PhD, Associate Professor, Immaculata College
  • Jessica Moon, PhD, PMP, Executive Director, Stanford University
  • Michelle Zorrilla, PhD, MPH, Associate Director, Technology Translation, University of Pittsburgh
  • David Gau, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Pittsburgh
  • Alex Prokopienko, PharmD, PhD, Senior Clinical Pharmacologist, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Karen Carney, PhD, Product Manager, Elsevier
  • Kristine Ojala, PhD, Medical Science Liaison, Genentech
  • Natalie Ernecoff, PhD, MPH, Associate Policy Researcher, Rand
  • Jennifer Signore, PhD, CER Associate, Global Regulatory Writing & Consulting
  • Arundhati Gupta, MSc, PhD, UPPDA International Chair, "Employment for International Trainees"

Download the PDF version or Word version of the 2022 SCIENCE Career Symposium brochure!


  • "It was so valuable being able to engage with post-PhD professionals who spoke candidly about their decisions in choosing their path/career."
  • "Now I know which topics I need to focus on to improve the development of my science career."
  • "There was a lot of valuable information, especially how a career in academia is no longer the only or the most succesful career path for PhD holders."
  • "It was a great opportunity to interact with experts!"
  • "I didn't know much about other job opportunities outside of academia and industry so I appreciated having other people (like science policy) there."
  • "It was really valuable hearing how the panel leaders prepared themselves for their given careers."
  • "This program provides you the opportunity to ask specific questions related to your personal doubts about a science career."
  • "I think it is a good program for PhD students who are unsure of whether to do a postdoc next or make a leap outside of academia."
  • "It was valuable learning about the different career options and how to get there."


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