Hiring Postdocs

Recruiting the best possible postdoctoral trainees to contribute to your research program requires a strategic and thoughtful process. Your due diligence in identifying and selecting candidates best suited to meeting your expectations will increase the likelihood of you developing productive and satisfying relationships with your trainees and reduce the probability of conflict within your research program. 

At the University of Pittsburgh, postdoctoral training is a transitional career stage where a faculty mentor is expected to support his or her trainee’s career development and advancement. Consequently, it is important for you to reach a mutual understanding with potential postdoctoral candidates relative to the degree of instruction, direction, and professional development he or she can expect under your supervision. Ultimately, successful postdoctoral relationships are shaped by clarity of expectations, realistic goal setting, and respectful interactions.


  • Requirements

  • Classifications

  • Compensation

  • Benefits


  • Position Description

  • Developing Recruitment Strategy

  • Free Resources


  • Objective Criteria 

  • Reviewing CVs/Resumes 

  • Identifying Candidates to Interview 


  • Preparing for Interviews

  • Conducting Interviews


  • Requesting References

  • Conducting Reference Interviews


  • Assessing Inclusive Outcomes

  • Departmental Preparation

  • Institutional Approval

  • Hiring Paperwork Process


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