Center for Postdoctoral Affairs in the Health Sciences Admin Newsletters

Welcome to the Center for Postdoctoral Affairs in the Health Sciences Newsletter for Departmental Contacts! Watch your email inbox for monthly notices keeping you informed and updated on postdoctoral affairs. Past editions of the newsletter will be archived here for reference. 

Volume 1 – June 2021: Announcing Talent Center & Pitt Worx, OACD Postdoc Database Portal, Processing Employee Actions through Talent Center, Pitt Box, Pitt Worx, and Internal Transfers

Volume 2 – August 2021: Postdoc Associate Salary Increases, Postdoc Scholar Salary Increases, Talen Center – Creating Offers (Visa Issues), PIVOT

Volume 3 – August 2021: Postdoc Administrator Spotlight (Loni Lutz), Postdoctoral Policies – Non-Renewal, OACD Postdoc Database Portal/Appointment Letter – Funding Sources

Volume 4 – September 2021: Postdoc Administrator Spotlight (Timothy McCann), New Postdoc Appointment Administrators, Faculty and Other Academics (Postdocs) Orientation, New Website/Appointment Procedures/Appointment Letters, Postdoc Personal Email, Talent Center- Creating Offers

Volume 5 – October 2021: Postdoc Administrator Spotlight (Nancy M. Linderman, M.Ed.), Talent Center - Creating Offers, New and Reappointments - PI vs. Mentor

Volume 6 – November 2021: Postdoc Administrator Spotlight (Matt Bosco), HR Shared Services Deadlines, Insurance Coverage via International SOS, OACD Postdoc Database Portotal - Preapprovals, University Holiday Breaks, CPAHS Town Hall

Volume 7 – Special Edition: HR Shared Services Deadlines, Winter Recess Extension