Postdoctoral scholars and associates are a unique and valued classification in the university that require special policies and services. As administrators, you are critical allies with OACD in facilitating full use of the many resources and policies that enhance the success of the postdoctoral experience.

Appointment Procedures

Access pre-approval processes for appointment procedures as well as sample letter resources.

Benefits and Classifications

The benefits statement is updated as of March 2017.

Career Development Planning

A Career Development Plan (CDP) is a useful tool to help you map and track your career development strategies. The University has developed templates to help you conceptualize your career development planning.


Learn more about postdoctoral compensation at the University of Pittsburgh.

Hiring Postdocs

View the postdoc hiring process at the University of Pittsburgh.

Postdoctoral Guidelines

The University Guidelines for Postdoctoral Scholars and Associates have been effective as of July 2005 and updated June 2018.


Access resources including career resources, family-friendly resources, international services, and research and funding.

Training Grant Resources

The University of Pittsburgh houses over 60 NIH training programs. The Office of Academic Career Development (OACD) fosters a sense of community among the University’s training grant directors and administrators, coordinates communication, and maintains several institutional training grant resources.