Vision, Mission, & Goals


The Office of Academic Career Development at the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences empowers trainees, scholars, clinicians, and academicians to achieve their full career potential in the discovery, dissemination, and translation of biomedical knowledge.  It also serves as a springboard to career excellence and leadership for professionals across the Schools of the Health Sciences.


The Office of Academic Career Development is dedicated to enhancing the recruitment, retention, and academic success of biomedical scientists and clinicians best qualified to continuing the tradition of excellence at the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences.


  • Foster a supportive environment that promotes successful academic career development for biomedical scientists and clinicians.
  • Provide academic career development programs and services that address emerging opportunities and needs in the professional health sciences community.
  • Facilitate the adoption of best mentoring practices to assist individuals to achieve their academic career goals.
  • Support the recruitment, retention, and advancement of populations facing special challenges in academic careers, including women and under-represented minorities.
  • Serve as an international resource and model of comprehensive academic career development for health science institutions.