About OACD

The Office of Academic Career Development, Health Sciences (OACD) is dedicated to providing professionals in the schools of the health sciences (the Schools of Dental Medicine, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Public Health) with the professional tools, resources, and support they need to achieve their full potential as leaders in biomedical research, education, and clinical practice.

As an international model for comprehensive academic career development programs, the OACD seeks to empower the academic health science community, including postdoctoral associates and scholars, graduate and medical students, residents, clinical associates, and faculty, by providing academic career development support, leading to high achievement and professional success.

The OACD is uniquely charged with a mission that encompasses not only those professionals who learn and train within the health sciences, but also includes those scientists and clinicians whose life's work continues within the University's academic health science community. The OACD provides a supportive and collaborative environment, guides the development/establishment of purposeful mentorships, and encourages diversity in leadership roles, components that are integral in attracting, developing, and retaining biomedical scientists and clinicians best qualified for continuing the tradition of excellence in the health sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.


As a postdoctoral trainee, you are intensely focused on your research goals and have set your sights on transitioning into a fulfilling career position. The University of Pittsburgh is a national leader in providing resources, programming, and policies that supports your career aspirations. The OACD supports your journey throughout and prepares you for career success.


Whether you are just settling into your first faculty appointment or are an increasingly established scholar, balancing the demands of research, teaching, and service can seem daunting.  The OACD Provides a myriad of resources to support you—from grant writing guidance to mentorship by senior faculty—so that you can excel on your professional journey with confidence. 

Residents & Clinical Fellows

Residents: You are dedicated to honing the core competency skills of your chosen discipline and discovering more about your clinical talents every day. But what comes next? Whether you decide on more subspecialty training, advanced clinical training, or choose to further explore basic or translational research, you will have the OACD’s career development resources at your disposal at this key juncture.

Clinical Fellows: Your clinical interests and training are preparing you for a life at the bench and the bedside. As a future physician-scientist, patient-oriented researcher, or clinical investigator, finding the right guidance and mentorship is imperative as you move to the next level and take on the challenges—and rewards—of a productive and cutting-edge biomedical research career.  The OACD is here to support your path to career excellence.

Medical & Graduate Students

As a student, each year brings you one step closer to being a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, biomedical scientist, or whichever professional role you have set your sights upon.  OACD resources are available to support your developmental path.


Postdoctoral scholars and associates are unique and valued classifications in the university that require special policies and services. As administrators, you are critical allies with OACD in facilitating full use of the many resources and implementing policies that enhance the success of the postdoctoral experience.