Professional Development Programs

A menu of career options for postdocs and graduate students to explore. Select those that appeal to you.
This interactive three day workshop is designed for postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows and junior faculty in the schools of the health sciences and will provide insight into leadership and team building as well as direction on how to develop and manage a scientific laboratory or research program, how to improve productivity, and how to enhance creativity and innovation in your research or classroom environment.
This program series for postdoctoral and graduate students provides professional development opportunities related to core competencies that are critical for success in scientific careers. These transferable skills are critical for all career choices and form the foundations for career success.
This program series for faculty provides professional development opportunities to enhance your career success and augment critical professional skills. These include leadership and management, networking, negotiations, and work/life balance.
A series of K Award workshops have been designed to meet your career development needs based upon your scientific path and your career stage, i.e., early career, mid career, or senior investigator. Sessions are offered at various times and locations throughout the year. Select the workshops that best meet your professional goals.
The wide variety of events for postdoctoral scholars and associates provides opportunities to investigate career options, develop professional skills, network with colleagues, and celebrate the research accomplishments.
An early morning venue for women faculty, fellows, and students to network across schools and departments. Come to share and learn from your colleagues. Don't miss out on an enlightening forum that will enable you to learn strategies for advancing your career and achieving personal satisfaction from the experiences of other women.
An annual event to celebrate and highlight the presence and accomplishments of women in medicine and science at the University; to provide a venue for women to share strengths, talents, and experience; and to foster an academic culture which supports the professional and personal development of women students, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, and faculty members in medicine and science.