Innovation Commercialization Courses for Pitt Faculty and Grad Students

Where do researchers go to find information that will help them translate their work to create impact in the world? Where do they go to expand their career options?

They go to the Innovation Institute’s Benchtop to Bedside course.

Benchtop to Bedside, known as B2B, is a 12-week course that opens your eyes to the possibilities that await you as researchers to a world that is fascinating, fun, and relevant. Join dozens of others who have experienced what it’s like to take your inventions to the next level towards marketplace reality–from the Benchtop to the Bedside, literally.

Here’s what others said about the course:

“I learned so much and was inspired all along the way.”

“…a wonderfully informative course.”

“It was an awesome class – you taught this bench scientist a lot about ‘business’!”

“[B2B] should be a required course!”

“[Babs is] very interactive, nice energy, has lots of experience… She is GREAT for this course.”

“[The best thing about this course was] hearing from the people who have actually gone through this process and share real-world experience”

“Great lectures and insight…”

”There has never been a class out there like this.”

B2B meets Tuesday evenings from 5-7:30pm from January 23 - April 17, 2018.

Find out more and register here: