Faculty Leadership Academy Testimonials

2016 Leadership Academy for Early Career Faculty Participants

“This program was amazing and by far the best professional development program I have ever attended. I looked forward to each session and felt sad when it concluded this week...This program delivered on what was promised at the onset--that we would have tools to put into practice immediately. This was true from the very first session. I was instantly inspired to try out some of these techniques with co-workers, family and friends. Every faculty member should take this course!”

"This program was very well organized, the material presented was always outstanding, as well as the speakers. I can't wait to put into practice all that I've learned. I enjoyed it so much that I am sad it's over."

"It's an exceptional program and I benefitted from it a great deal. It helped me navigate this early career stage and was very valuable."

"The leadership course was well thought out, organized and effectively implemented. I am certain it will help me in my career moving forward and hope to practice what was taught over the year."

"I have learned a great amount from the Academy and have met many of my peers who will be a great resource during my development as a leader. It has introduced me to many topics that I can now explore further and that have not only contributed to my leadership skills/abilities, but also to my personal development."

"I would recommend this program to anyone--not just junior faculty."

2017 Advanced Faculty Leadership Academy Participants

"The only single regret I have about the Faculty Leadership Academy is that I should have taken it many years ago. In fact, I think every faculty member starting here should take it during their first years. It will help so much to run an efficient lab and to understand leadership on many different levels."

"Thank you so much. I truly enjoyed this program and use this knowledge daily as department chair. I am encouraging faculty in my department to complete this program: it is terrific! Thank you for all your leadership and planning of this program, I greatly appreciate your dedication to our development."


2016 Leadership Academy for Early Career Faculty Participants

"[The] building of key skills over the year. I think a shorter, condensed program would be less effective. Half-day sessions each month allowed for reflection and practice of skills."

"The structure overall - it made me realize all of the moving parts that goes into being a leader."

"Learning from experts in the various content areas brought more conscious awareness of problems in working with teams and the strategies for how to address them."

"The collaboration with peers [was very valuable]; it was great to see where other people are--very motivational."

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