Postdoctoral Compensation

University Minimum Compensation Policies

  • The University’s minimum rate of postdoctoral compensation is $47,476 (threshold for federal exempt status).

  • The NIH stipend levels are widely accepted to represent best practices in postdoctoral affairs and represent a competitive benchmark for all postdoctoral compensation. 

University Compensation Increase Guidelines

  • At the time of their reappointment, postdoctoral associates follow the annual University compensation increase guidelines based upon the recommendations of their faculty mentors.

  • Postdoctoral associates in the schools of the health sciences, whose compensation is below the appropriate NIH stipend level for their years of experience, may receive a compensation increase above the University guidelines up to the next NIH stipend level. The compensation increases of postdoctoral associates, whose compensation is already above the appropriate NIH stipend level, are limited to the University compensation increase guidelines.
  • Postdoctoral scholars automatically receive the next stipend level based upon their years of experience.
Postdoctoral associates are encouraged to negotiate with their faculty mentors for reappointment salaries equivalent to the NIH stipend levels.